We love hockey & we love beer...and when together, life is great! We've been going to hockey rinks most of our lives as players and/or parents/fans. Over the years we spent many pre and post games enjoying a pint with old friends and new ones alike. With the help of the craft beer explosion, we've learned to pass (most of the time) on that cooler of Miller Lite, skip the hotel bar and explore what's brewing locally.

We created this site to help us keep track of our "notes", make better decisions on where to go based upon our available time and the needs/wants of our group. And hopefully it helps to relive the great experiences and find new gems to look forward to revisiting.

This site is totally subjective and ever changing as is the brewery scene. Please accept it as a work in progress but if we are missing something monumental, feel free to email us: [email protected].

Maybe this site will help you explore a local craft which you wouldn't have otherwise.